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Data centers are an integral part of today’s IT-driven organizations. With the growing dependency on data traffic you need to expect the best possible performance from one of the most critical spaces in your facility. Network Design can help take the complexity out of planning and designing data center build-outs. Our Registered Communication Distribution Designers (RCDD) help organize and manage your cable infrastructure, pathways, security and UPS requirements.

Cable Infrastructure is the lifeline that connects mission critical applications within a data center. Cable performance has a direct impact on network performance, data rates and the efficient transportation of communications. The Cable Infrastructure becomes more important as data centers grow in size, complexity and demand more bandwidth. NDI installs robust distributed cable infrastructures that are strategic in performance and usability.
  • Horizontal and backbone cabling
    • Category 5e, 6, 6A solutions
    • Multimode and single mode optical fiber
    • Multipair feeder
    • Coax
  • Distribution area racks and cabinets
  • Cable tray, supports and pathways
  • Bonding and grounding

Within the core of the data center design criteria lies pathways and spaces. Whether your data center is a raised floor environment or not, proper planning and sizing of the infrastructure pathways are critical. NDI can help size and layout basket trays or ladder racking pathways that support the infrastructure effectively and integrate with other under-floor or overhead systems such as electrical, fire suppression and HVAC.

With today’s need for secure and protected information systems, we can supply, install and maintain security equipment to cover all of your security needs.
  • Card Access (secure entry of authorized personal into restricted areas)
  • CCTV (when video detection and recording is required)
  • Fire Alarm Monitoring (monitor smoke and heat for building staff safety and emergency services alerts)

For a broader understanding of our security offerings, please see our Sound & Security page.

Network Design can help you streamline the operational expense of maintaining your data center. Using industry best practices, NDI will provide a data center design that features current products to meet your organization’s needs and improve the performance and manageability of your data center. Time is money and sometimes a simple evaluation of your existing data center can reveal strategic design changes that increase reliability and efficiency of your existing facility. Whether you are building new, expanding or consolidating, NDI can help.

Data Center stability requires clean, robust and redundant power. Let NDI recommend an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) solution that meets your data center’s growing needs.
  • Manufacturer Reseller
  • Proper Sizing
  • Specifications
  • On-line, line interactive, off-line technologies

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